Skyler Burns 

Sales manager 

I most associate summer with the smell and taste of lemons and oranges—citrusy smells. Lemonade, it reminds me of the ocean. I grew up near the beach, and it was hot and sunny. We went to the water and swam every day, and to cool off, we drank lots of lemonade. 

Jacob Riordan 

Automotive tech 

The smell of burning oil and burnt tires is what I most associate with summer. Hot asphalt. I’m out and about in the summertime racing cars. Also, the smell of race gas. It smells like you just poured vodka into your tank. The taste that I most associate summer with is cheesecake. To me, summer and cheesecake go hand in hand. 

Adrienne Walera 


The smell of the smoke, and the taste of the barbecue. It’s all-American. I love all types of barbecue. We had a lot of summer barbecues when I was growing up. When I was little, my dad gave me his leftover ribs for me to gnaw on. Also, the smell of sunscreen reminds me of the beach in summer. And, of course, the smell of swimming-pool chlorine. 

Elena Thormählen 

Solar sales 

The smell of irises and lilacs, and the taste of pineapple is what I most associate with summer. Growing up, we played in my grandmother’s backyard, and she had all these plants growing, and we would stop and sniff them. We would run around there eating wedges of pineapple. Also, horse manure—I had grandparents in Montana, and they had a ranch, and that smell reminds me of summers there. 

Millie Mecseji 

Game sales 

Lavender. Summer is the best time when they bloom. We used to go to the park a lot in the summertime when I was little, and I loved the smell of the lavender. The taste that I most associate with summer is watermelon. My friends had a pool and put out watermelon for us to eat, to keep us cool and hydrated. 

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