Resolve to indulge: Buffalo pizza, convincing portobello burgers and chicken pot pie—yum!

It’s resolution time. 

I often hear people resolving to exercise more, limit screen time and not dine out as often, or only do so as a special-occasion treat. I’m not inspired by those resolutions—particularly the latter. For me, dining out often includes sweet moments with loved ones, and indulging in delicious meals we wouldn’t (or couldn’t) cook for ourselves at home. 

So this year, I aspire to have more of those moments, taking extra care to be present with each bite and each dinner-table conversation. If you find yourself also looking for good—and, perhaps, indulgent—food, I hope you enjoy these three treats as much as I did, especially if they’re part of your resolution to only eat out as a special-occasion treat. 

What: chicken pot pie 

Where: Silver State Pie Co. food truck 

Price: $14 


If I told you one of the best pot pies I’ve ever had came from a food truck, would you believe me? Anyone who pays Silver State Pie Co. a visit will see what I mean. Owners Jason Stewart and Colten Johnson are doing impressive things with pastry, which is exemplified by the chicken pot pie. 

The pastry is flaky and buttery, and the filling is exceptional, with shredded chicken meat, delicately minced vegetables (including the welcome addition of mushrooms) and an expertly seasoned gravy that brings everything together.  

When I took a bite of this pie, I might have uttered an expletive, which tells you everything you need to know. 

What: Ricco’s pizza 

Where: Smith and River, 50 N. Sierra Street, Reno 

Price: $20 

Contact: 775-357-8019; 

Why choose between pizza and buffalo wings when you can have both? “Ricco’s pizza” from Smith and River offers the best of both worlds. A perfectly crispy dough is topped with a bleu cheese white sauce, pieces of breaded chicken, pickles and a Buffalo drizzle. 

It might sound wacky, but it works. The savory elements—the bleu cheese white sauce and breaded chicken—are balanced by the acidity from the pickles and buffalo sauce to make a pizza that’s hard to stop eating once you start. 

What: Portobello Burger 

Where: Royce Burger Bar, 115 Ridge St., Reno 

Price: $12 

Contact: 775-440-1095; 

Royce Burger Bar might have a casual atmosphere, but the food here is not mere “bar food.” The Roycebuger is arguably one of the best burgers in town; the Imperialish Japanese wings are consistently delicious; and the Biggest Little Salad is a delicacy. I’ve seen the portobello burger on the menu, and I’ve been curious, but I don’t usually like portobello burgers. They’re generally a squishy mushroom moonlighting as a beef patty served as a thoughtless shrug of a vegetarian option. 

Not Royce’s portobello burger, though. It’s basically a chicken-fried mushroom with a crispy, well-seasoned batter that adds texture and flavor—resulting in a delicious burger. Topped with American cheese and burger sauce on a fluffy potato bun, it’s a tasty option for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.