Bad wedding: Millie Bobby Brown is great at breaking hearts and kicking ass in Netflix’s ‘Damsel’

Millie Bobby Brown definitely shouldn’t pay the caterer for her wedding in Damsel, because she has to wind up squaring off with a bloodthirsty dragon—and it’s totally the fault of the wedding’s organizers.

Brown plays Elodie, a young maiden in a faraway land tricked into thinking she’s about become a princess—only to become the intended main course for a dragon (voiced creepily by Shohreh Aghdashloo) as part of a long-lasting tradition of human sacrifice.

Brown is quite good, breaking hearts when Elodie is first made the victim—and becoming a credible action hero when she squares off with the beast. She gets a lot dirtier here than she did with Godzilla.

This is a good story with a solid twist of an ending. The special effects are OK, if a little choppy at times. The supporting cast includes Ray Winstone as the universe’s worst dad, Angela Bassett as the sympathetic stepmother, and Robin Wright playing a far nastier royal entity than Buttercup from The Princess Bride.

Ultimately, Damsel is a good Saturday-night movie that’s quite suitable for Netflix. I’m not sure how this would’ve registered with me on a big screen, but it played just fine in my living room.

But be careful if you decide to watch it with young kids; some of the dragon’s kills are quite graphic, with lots of stomping, squeezing, stabbing and fiery deaths that push the limits of PG-13.

Damsel is now streaming on Netflix.

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